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#TeamInterlake on Tour

2022 didn’t just start with the anniversary of Interlake. The Interlake team also got together and went on two team tripsunder the motto “Team Interlake on Tour”. #MeetOurNeighbours

At the Interlake site in Potsdam, film and technologycome together in the home of the MediaTechHub Potsdam. There are also a few other prominent neighbors in the immediate vicinity. Which made the Interlake team curious. So, the theme tour started to better get to know the neighbors: Volucap and Studio Babelsberg.

Team Interlake on Tour // Volucap

Volucap – Next Level Film Technology

On Friday, February 25th, 2022, the excursion toVolucap began with an exclusive tour by Volucap CEO Sven Bliedung from Heide. The focus of the day was immersing yourself in the future of film. In the Volucap volumetric studio, we experienced how three-dimensional recordingsof people and their movements are made possible. The result is not just a hologram, but a walk-in film created through a new method of shooting. Live examples from the new cinema film Matrix 4 Resurections brought a deeper insight into the working methods and production processes.

Team Interlake on Tour // Halostage

Halostage – Film Reimagined

In addition to the Volucap, Potsdam offers other technical advancements for the future of film. For example, the halo stage, which the team was able to enjoy afterwards. The team was shown the benefits of using the Halostage in the production of film and television. Completely new possibilities arise, not just for the film itself, but also for production as a whole. It is beyond impressive what technology is capable of.

Movietime – After an Exciting First Outing

After seeing many technical innovations in filmmaking of the future, the grand finale of the day was a cinema screening. With snacks and drinks in-hand, it was time for Matrix 4 Ressurections in the in-house cinema.

Team Interlake on Tour // Studio Babelsberg

Film Event in the Oldest Film Studio in the World – Studio Babelsberg

Exactly 4 weeks later, on Friday, March 25th, the second excursion of “Team Interlake on Tour” began with a tour of Studio Babelsberg. On a beautiful day, the team started at the meeting point and met the managing director of the Art Department at Studio Babelsberg, Michael Düwel.

Team Interlake on Tour // Studio Babelsberg

Exclusive Insights to the Art Department

Michael Düwel took the Interlake team on an exclusive trip through the studio grounds and shared secret insights, including seeing a set of a current production. Using these, and other tangible examples, it was explained how sets are created in the film as well as possible to experience live how the various departments (carpentry, sculpture and others) work hand in hand to create spectacular backdrops. In addition to the craft, background information and anecdotes were of course not ignored.

Interchange Between Craftsmanship and Technology

It is also fascinating that despite many crafts, various technologies such as 3D printers or robots are used to create the perfect set. The team was impressed by the aspect of sustainability, for example in the recycling plant with styrofoam, that plays an important role. The props pool also contributes to sustainability, as they can be borrowed for any setting, whether 20s or nostalgic from the 70s. Not only for film, but also events.

Team Interlake on Tour // Studio Babelsberg Outdoor Backdrop

The highlight of the program was the ending: a visit to the new outdoor scenery in the “neue Berliner Straße”. Fans of Babylon Berlin got their money’s worth here, as everyone moved through Wedding, Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg and immersed themselves in the scenery at the “Moka Efti”. The time flew by, and everyone discussed their thoughts after over pizza and beer. And the beautiful spring day ended in a great, comfortable atmosphere.

Where is the team’s next trip? The Interlake team is excited to get to know more neighbors in the network! #StayTuned

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