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For anyone who wants to make a difference: Nextcreate offers an intuitive, innovative AR authoring tool and a free playout app that enables seamless integration of digital content into real-world environments. Easy-to-create, context-based learning at the point of need is finally a reality!

Nextcreate is a browser-based authoring tool that allows users to create, modify and integrate content intuitively. By using augmented reality, content can be placed in real places and objects to revolutionize the learning process and enable deeper understanding and more effective knowledge transfer.

Nextcreate’s free playout app (iOS and Android), is aimed at deskless workers and allows them to explore and use digital content in the workplace or on real products and objects. In addition, analog formats such as books, brochures, images, signs, etc. can be enhanced with digital content – Nextcreate extends the life of materials and offers a sustainable solution for companies.

Examples from the closed beta:

  1. Civil Protection Center impresses employees by placing digital content on objects and posters as part of a new building opening
  2. Railroad group inspires managers with innovative, creative learning concept in which postcards home are enhanced with digital information and contribute to the success of a larger learning concept
  3. Exhibition space for contemporary art uses Nextcreate for the digital enhancement of artworks and self-discovery tours of the building and property history

With the launch of the open beta, anyone interested can now test Nextcreate free of charge and help shape the future of learning. The Open Beta marks the next step on the way to the official product release, where new features and integrations are expected. Interlake is also inviting companies to become partners: as a business partner or reseller, they will gain access to extensive training materials, exclusive incentive programs, marketing support and personal support from experts, thereby expanding their portfolio.

For more information and to take part in the open beta, visit our website and register today: www.nextcreate.com.

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