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Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment for today‘s digital work.

Like any technological change, the move to Microsoft 365 comes with various technical and process changes. New tools and approaches are changing the way employees work, collaborate and share information.

But: Software alone won‘t solve these issues.

For your company to successfully take full advantage of the diverse potential of Microsoft 365, you need strategically thoughtful and sustainable support for your employees in approaching these innovations.

Why Adoption and Change Management for Microsoft 365 is so important

Introducing new technologies to the company in a stable and functional manner is one thing. Getting the employees to actively adapt, utilize new functions and integrate the change into their own working methods and processes is another.

The Benefits of Adoption and Change Management for Microsoft 365:

  • Achieving project goals by seamlessly integrating changes into the work processes
  • Understanding and supporting employees for the digital transformation
  • Better quality of project results and higher employee satisfaction through active involvement of everyone concerned
  • Avoiding project delays with a structured approach and a clear presentation of processes and measures
  • Continuous evaluation and measurement of project progress using suitable and meaningful key figures (KPIs)

Our Change Management offer to enhance your technological change.

Our certified change management and Microsoft service adoption specialists are here to guide your way to innovative digital work with Microsoft 365. Together we will successfully complete your Microsoft 365 change project – structured, sustainable and always geared to the needs of your employees.

We rely on a combined workshop and consulting offer using the established Prosci ADKAR ™ method and our specially developed tool “E³” to evaluate your current situation. In three phases, we identify fields of action and options, develop tailor-made measures and evaluate the results.

Phase 1: Preparation

  • Analyze the current status
  • Define the change process
  • Prepare team
  • Define key figures for measuring success
  • Develop a sponsorship model

Phase 2: Implementation

  • Implement change plans
  • Start the change process
  • Enable further education
  • Overcome any resistance
  • Monitor key figures together

Phase 3: Follow Up

  • Focus on maintaining and expanding the changes
  • Collect and analyze feedback
  • Discover any gaps and find solutions
  • Correct processes and celebrate successes

What distinguishes us as a partner in digital change with Microsoft 365.


Assisting people with digital change is our passion! We have been successfully developing and implementing software and cloud products for over 20 years. We understand the challenges of digital change in companies.


With the help of personas, we identify and characterize all affected employees. What expectations and needs does each target group have? Which steps are best suited to meet these needs? We’ll find out!


Achieving strategic business goals requires continuous progress and success measurement. Facts and figures are also essential in the adoption and change management process. We will help you develop meaningful KPIs.

Individual Tool – E³

With the help of our web-based tool “Employee Empowerment Evaluator”, E³ for short, we evaluate personas and modern work scenarios. This is how we put future viability to the test, identify potential for improvement in the form of empowerment recommendations and capitalize on the potential in the course of technological change.

Our certifications.

Choose your change management plan!

The Employee Empowerment packages in detail

After conducting a 360° individual assessment with you and presenting you with a change management strategy, we look forward to walking this transformation journey with you. You can choose between three different plans:


The consulting package – We prepare you for the upcoming change in three individual workshop days. You will receive techniques, tools and process recommendations per phase, based on the results of your individual 360° Change Assessment for a successful implementation of your change project.


The coaching package – We accompany you in a total of 3 workshop days through the individual phases of the change. For each phase, we work with you to develop solutions tailored to your company. In addition, you benefit from 4h of individual leadership coaching per phase. We also give you recommendations on how to best implement your Empowerment Recommendations from the E³ for your personas.


The End-To-End service – We guide you through the individual phases of the change with a minimum of 6 workshop days (2 days per phase). For each phase, we work with you to develop solutions tailored to your company. In addition, you benefit from 4 hours of individual leadership and communications coaching per change phase. With the all-round carefree package, we also work with you to implement your individual empowerment recommendations from the E³.

You need more information?

We support you in your Microsoft 365 change process. We would be happy to present our three packages to you in more detail in a personal meeting or in one of our live sessions. Just complete the form or register!

We will be happy to advise you on our packages and your individual questions.

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