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Our Team

Interlake, that’s us.

The CVs of our colleagues are as diverse as the topics we work on at Interlake. But despite all the individuality, the feeling of being a team is at the top of our list. What we particularly appreciate is the trusting working atmosphere and the uncomplicated cooperation.*

* Result of the employee survey from September 2020

Unser Team
Interesting fact…

There are almost as many women as men working at Interlake and the average age is a young 33.

What our colleagues say…

“I think it’s exciting to be thrown into new situations all the time, to be faced with different challenges every day and then see how things come together in the end.”

Nadine Köchling, Office management and HR, with us since 2010

“What drives me: Driving Learning for the digital age! I want to make the best use of the tools that digitalization puts in our hands to make corporate learning better! My most important tool for learning: CURIOSITY!”

Anna-Lena Mathieu, Team Lead Training, with us since 2019

“Whether AI or digital learning, rarely has so much future been in the present. We carry the lives of future generations in our hands, surfaces, and phones.”

Ricardo Rossa, Team Lead Sales & Customer Success, with us since 2018

“What drives me: Helping companies seize opportunities in times of digital transformation and putting people first through our corporate learning offerings.”

Jenny Beutnagel, Director Corporate Development, with us since 2016

“Logic gets me from A to B. My imagination, however, everywhere. I take the projects on these journeys and am always full of anticipation for the result that combines both.”

Julia Reinicke, Graphic & Instructional Designer, with us since 2016

“I appreciate the collegial atmosphere in the team and the great creative freedom in my work. Despite the corona-related circumstances, onboarding was straightforward and very well structured.”

Susanne Wächter, Marketing Managerin, with us since 2020