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Azure Cloud Native Plan

Speed & dynamism with our cloud native plans for your business

We are the specialists when it comes to a modern and innovative application of Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology. But not only this! Not only can we tech, we’ll give you everything you need to move your business, IT and people forward using cloud technology.

As part of our cloud native plans, we’ll show you what’s important when working with the Azure cloud. We work together to determine how you can best exploit the potential of the cloud for your individual IT and help you analyze and conceptualize a migration roadmap. In the end, you decide whether and how we continue to work together in #rehost, #rearchitect and #operations.

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The Azure Cloud Native Plans contents in detail


What is it all about? We’ll introduce you to Azure Cloud options and explain the impact a move to Azure Cloud will have on your IT and business.

Application Inventory:

Together, we identify which applications can benefit from a move to the cloud. We check the current state and define an ideal target state. We also analyze how your IT solutions can be modernized to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Azure cloud.

Hands On Workshop:

We go into the details! Together with your tech team, we analyze the identified applications and design, plan and define ideas and actions for modernizing your IT solutions. Using concrete scenarios, we will demonstrate the implementation in Azure.

PoC – Proof of Concept:

Together we create a proof of concept for one of your IT solutions. We partially set up your applications with best practices from our many years of experience. Using this practical example, we will go through necessary actions for a migration and working with Azure.

Recording the results:

Let’s “put our money where our mouth is”! Whatever the plan, we set roadmaps and timelines for application modernization, develop a migration strategy, and select needed technologies.

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