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Metaverse in the Company

Potsdam, April 2022 – A collaboration between the MediaTech Hub Potsdam (MTH Potsdam) and Interlake GmbH together with Volucap GmbH promotes the practical start and use of the metaverse in a company by means of a workshop.

A Workshop for a Practical Route into the Metaverse

Metaverse – a term well-established since the rebranding of Facebook, but it also existed prior through Pokemon GO, Snapchat and other technological gimmicks. So far the main question is, is it just another hyped up trend in the world of virtual and augmented reality? Since SXSW 2022, it has become clear that the Metaverse is not just hype. The Internet in 3D is becoming more and more relevant, not only in the gaming industry and consumer sector. So, it’s time to support companies in using the Metaverse for their company in a sensible way with a practical start.

New Collaboration with Experienced Partners

The MediaTech Hub, one of the 12 German centers for digital innovation with a focus on media technologies, has tasked themselves with making it easier for companies to access these technological innovations. The aim is to promote innovations that produce a more efficient, inclusive, and creative future. In regards to the metaverse, MTH Potsdam is entering a collaboration with Interlake and Volucap, both experienced players in the context of the metaverse in the company and beyond. The collaboration focuses on a joint offer from the two partner companies, the Metaverse Idea Workshop.

The idea for the Metaverse Ideation Workshop

Entering the metaverse can be quite a challenge. Where and how do you start? Many questions arise from the new technology, not just about technological aspects but the content of the application scenarios. This workshop is designed to provide companies with ample support at the start. Andrea Wickleder, Hub Manager at MTHP, shares, “The Metaverse Ideation workshop is the perfect way to start getting in touch with new technologies as well as bridge the gap between the technological tomorrow and its entry opportunitiesin the here and now.”

Sven Slazenger, CEO of Interlake, also emphasizes the great importance of the workshop. Themetaverse offers opportunities that many companies are not even aware of: “Due to our activities in the field of mixed reality, more and more customers are asking us if we can explain the metaverse to them. The main interest is to understand what this entails, whether the metaverse can deliver added value for companiesand if so, which ones. To determine this, we have developed the Metaverse Ideation Workshop with Volucap.”

With the workshop, the two partners have set the goal of making an introduction to VR/AR/XR/MR – or the metaverseclear, descriptive and practical, including an explanation of all framework conditions. To start with, Interlake and Volucap see themselves as translators, or middle-men. Explaining what needs to be considered when creating applications, and what will allow PC content to detach itself from the screen and become part of contextual reality. But it’s also about usability, the integration into existing processes or e-learning and of course the costs involved in entering the Metaverse. In first applications, for example training at workplaces where there is no screen or when there is a lack of a manual, any physical location can be extended with digital information as desired.

Details on the Workshop for Using the Metaverse in your Company

The ideation workshop for using the Metaverse in a company lasts one day and consists of 4 stages. The stages include

    • Envisioning,
    • Ideation,
    • Enablement and
    • Realization.

The envisioning is exciting, Interlake and Volucap share their expertise and experience. As well as provide an overview of metaverse technologies such as mixed reality, augmented reality and virtual reality incl. that devices & studios give. At the same time, both partners also report on practical examples and their implementation in this stage.

At the end of the day, the result is a list of the best concrete ideas and application scenarios for using the Metaverse within the company. This forms the ideal launchpad for a proof-of-concept, which implements the first topic in 3-5 days. It requires little effort from the customer, with the aim of presenting the first added values. “Exciting projects have already emerged from this workshop; brief and condensed, we manage to work out the advantages together and get started hands-on.” says Sven Bliedung from Heide, CEO of Volucap.

The Way into the Metaverse with MTH Potsdam, Interlake & Volucap

Working together on future technologies is made easier through this collaboration. Thanks to the Metaverse Ideation Workshop, we have a new launch pad for the path into the Metaverse and future. To be there from the start and understand the Metaverse’s possibilities, you can book the workshop at MediTech HubPotsdam or find out more at: Metaverse Ideation Workshop