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Azure Cloud Empowerment

Do you want to migrate your IT structure to the Azure Cloud or fully exploit and optimize the application’s potential? We implement your wish success-oriented & sustainable!

Your certified Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

We are your Microsoft Gold Partner for Azure Cloud solutions. From cloud migration, to cloud innovation, to cloud operations.

What‘s now known as the cloud and cloud services began in 1997, with work on web service infrastructures and the development of applications for customers.

From an early stage, we relied on a close partnership with Microsoft. Today we are specialists and adapt the Azure Cloud to your needs.

Wir gehören zu den 1% Top Partnern weltweit für die innovative Nutzung von Microsoft Azure. We also recognize that a true understanding is required to make viable decisions for your business.


What are the benefits of moving to the Azure Cloud?

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Improving financial results

Reduce or avoid costs: Moving your IT to the cloud can avoid data center costs. In addition, costs are incurred on a usage basis – IT resources do not have to be kept available for potential maximum usage. By using PaaS and SaaS solutions, IT resources are used optimally.

Tapping new revenue streams: The cloud offers innovative and modern products and processes that enable new business models.

Increase sales: Sales can access information and data more efficiently. With the possibility of global scaling, processes and sales can be optimized and further expanded.

Opening up new business areas

Digital transformation: Digitization of products, services and processes enables companies to tap into numerous new business models.

Artificial Intelligence: AI is considered one of the most important technologies of the future and Machine Learning.

Illustration pie chart man
Illustration pie chart man

Increase in performance and service quality

Speed/Performance: A global network of secure data centers allows the use of the latest and most efficient IT resources, exactly when they are needed.

Reliability: Processes for availability, data security, disaster recovery, and continuity are native to Azure Cloud.

Scalability: Services can scale almost arbitrarily with your requirements.

Security and compliance: Rigorous processes and certifications form the basis for providing a global secure IT infrastructure.

Speed and flexibility in processes

Modern application architecture: The use of PaaS and Saas components as well as global scaling, shorten the deployment and adaptation time of applications.

Agile Devops Processes: Agile processes and automation allow flexible and fast response to changes and short development life cycles.

Faster time to market: Cloud technology enables IT to respond faster to market changes and optimizes processes and time to market.

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Our Azure Cloud offering for your business.

We migrate, update and operate your IT solutions in the Microsoft Azure Cloud!


  • Development of an optimal migration strategy to meet your needs
  • Implementation of the migration of your data and IT solutions to the Azure Cloud.


  • Modernization of your IT solutions for optimal use in the cloud
  • New construction or adaptation of your IT infrastructure
  • Establishing future security for your IT through innovative approaches


  • Operation of your IT solutions (including SLAs)
  • Monitoring
  • 24/7 IT-Support
  • Managed Services

Why Interlake is your Azure Cloud Partner!

In addition to our professional qualification as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we work according to clear principles, which our customers appreciate about us.

Share knowledge

It is our ambition that you (and not only your IT specialists) understand what possibilities the Azure Cloud offers you and what impact a move to the cloud has for your IT and the entire company. Together, we‘ll implement your ideas. We contribute our know-how and experience to implement your ideas together with you and actively accompany your company on its way to the cloud.

Exploit potentials

Others can also bring IT solutions into the cloud. But our goal is to adapt your applications in such a way that they optimize the full potential of our cloud technology.

View holistically

We analyze with you in detail whether, why and how a switch to the Azure Cloud makes sense for your company. We bring everyone on board— from your IT department to business decision-makers. This is the surest way to make sustainable decisions, ensure your IT plan is future-proof and secure competitive advantages.

Look ahead

Together, we‘re laying the foundations for tomorrow and beyond. Your IT solutions should not only work in the Azure Cloud in the short term, but also keep pace with fast-moving technical developments.

Latest news around Azure.

Interesting Fact…

Since 2012, the operation of Azure cloud technology, including the entire supply and value chain, has been CO2-neutral.

Our references.

We take you with us to our customers – and, on the way to becoming a cloud native, give you a look behind the scenes.

#rearchitect for interconnected processes

For Gates, we handled the complete redevelopment of the Global Supplier Portal and the move of parts of the global web applications to Azure. In the course of the customer relationship, we developed and operated web applications in the cloud for the areas of


  • Change Request Management
  • Facility Performance Management
  • Investment Management
  • Quality Management

#rehost secures performance

For our client in the system catering sector, we supported the move of the complete platform (incl. website, career portal, mobile app and campaigns) from the data center and from AWS to Azure. At the same time, we optimize in the areas of architecture, performance, security and operating costs.
When developing backend logic for marketing campaigns, we are entrusted with the operation & management of front-end and back-end of the campaign, realize the high scalability due to cross-media push of the actions and secure dVoting mechanisms against fraud.

Secure #rehosting

For our client from the education/healthcare sector, we provided rehosting of the entire web activities including. of the global online store was conceptualized and implemented. We accompanied the shift from the data center to Microsoft Azure, taking into account the connection to the SAP system for order processing. In addition, we were able to create additional added value for the customer in this context with the development of payment interfaces.

#rearchitect makes payment flows visible

For our client in the wholesale of fastening and assembly technology, we have been responsible for the customization and operation of a financial services app for the

  • Aggregation
  • Monitoring und
  • Visualization

of payment data from various sources (POS, eCommerce, credit card, ELV, call center, acquirer, etc.). The monitoring of the various payment flows is made possible by our interface development to payment service providers (e.g. CCV).

How do you start your cloud project with Interlake?

Each project is individual and therefore unique. For this reason, it is our concern that we respond to your needs in a targeted manner. In a free consulting analysis we have the opportunity to help you efficiently.

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