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Interlake Team

Potsdam, May 2022 – The 25 year anniversary of Interlake – is characterized by the Interlake DNA and core values ​​with which the Interlake team works.

The Interlake values ​​are based on the three pillars: head, heart and soul. But what is the true meaning of heart values, ​​and how are they displayed by the Interlake employees? These valid questions have answers.

The Interlake heart beats in partnership and collaboration.

Collegiality is not just important to us internally. The Interlake team helps and stands up for one another. Everyone is a valuable part of our team and we trust each others abilities. Even when we look outwards for guidance, we feel that our hearts are truly in it. We see ourselves as equals, both with our customers and our partners. We are not just service providers. We also offer advice and support to the people we are in contact with. Our ideology “help others for self-help” contributes to this.

Anniversary Celebration with a Special Gift

On Friday, May 20th, 2022, the Interlake team came together in Potsdam to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Interlake. On this occasion, Interlake’s strength was represented through a special anniversary gift, a tangible plant.

The plant signifies the heart, the Interlake DNA – because as in everyday life in Interlake, a plant depends on us being there for it. In return, the plant gives us fresh air and life. Everyone on Team Interlake now has a plant, and is helping it grow and thrive. This idea of mutual cooperation, partnership and collegial interaction allows the plant to thrive. Reminding everyone on the Interlake team to strengthen each other as colleagues and to support customers and partners.

How the Interlake Team Shows Their Heart-DNA

In everyday life, the heart DNA shows itself in a wide variety of facets, some of which our colleagues have shared:

“I look forward to going to work on Mondays because I have a great team I get to see. I really enjoy my job and I’m always very proud when good results come.”

Carolin Lüken

Teamlead Employee Empowerment, Interlake

“I like going to work on Mondays because I know that great colleagues are waiting for me to tackle difficult tasks together. We always support each other.”

Julia Wilcke

Project Manager E-Learning Production, Interlake

“Our team motivates me the most. We support each other, develop together and challenge each other. Amazing.”

Johann Sening

Learning and Development Consultant, Interlake

“Personally, why I like coming to work on Mondays is because of the clear collegial cohesion in my team as well as at Interlake as a whole. You can just rely on each other.”

Daniel Dubalski

Key-Account-Manager, Interlake

“The fact that there is always a good atmosphere at Interlake and every employee is valued on the team from the beginning makes me look forward to work.”

Lena Webler

Working Student, Interlake

Learn More about the Interlake Team

Our values ​​as well as shared understanding of teamwork help us in our daily responsibilities and everyday lives. Would you like to find out more about the Interlake team and get to know the employees better? We have many interesting interviews here: Get to know the team!