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Mixed Reality

Make training more interactive for employees? Better illustration of your products for customers? Integrate the 3D world and take the next step in digitizing your business with Mixed Reality.

Mixed Reality – cool technology – and now?

With Mixed Reality, your content leaves the screen. A modern technology that enables you to use completely new formats of information transfer.

Mixed reality is an exciting innovative technology with countless possibilities. We support you in setting up your company for the future with the help of Mixed Reality (MR)! In doing so, we not only introduce you to the technology and new possibilities.

We also work with you on the initial implementation scenarios for your company. In the Mixed Reality Workshop, we present the technology and jointly identify the TOP 3 application scenarios for your entry into the 3D world.Start a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with it tomorrow.

Due to our close partnership with Microsoftand as a founding member of Volucap, we have the expertise needed to implement 3D experiences in digital learning.

We are your partner for Azure Cloud solutions with Gold Partner status
Our Mixed Reality Partner VoluCap

What advantages does Mixed Reality deliver?

Challenges in the implementation of mixed reality

Current challenges

Mixed Reality (MR) is already happening – but how can MR be integrated quite pragmatically in your own company?

How does MR make “Learning in the Flow of Work” possible? How can learning content be integrated into everyday working life so that it is intuitively available when it is needed?

How does Microsoft Dynamics Guides bring learning content to the learner via Microsoft HoloLens and simulate it optimally?

How can “Remote Assistance” solve problems in remote places where my specialists are not?


Our solution

Together, we transform MR technology into concrete ideas and leverage the benefits for your business. Our workshop offering paves the way.

Mixed Reality enables your employees to learn and perform complex tasks in a “hands-free” context. This is achieved with the help of innovative control systems such as gesture and speech as well as eye tracking. This helps to reduce errors, increase safety and close knowledge gaps.

Sustained immersive mixed reality experiences increase the effectiveness of learning and enable better visualization and simulation in the 3D world.

Our solution for the implementation of Mixed Reality
The goal of our Mixed Reality Workshop

Goal of the workshop

The workshop inspires ideas, stimulates reflection and gives impulses for new things in the context of one’s own daily work.

At the end of the workshop, the TOP 3 topics for a deployment of MR technologies are.

In the next step, implementation can take place in the short term, in the form of a 3-5 day proof of concept (POC) or MVP.

Our Mixed Reality Envisioning Workshop uncovers potentials, shows different scenarios and the added value with Microsoft Dynamics Guides, Microsoft HoloLens and much more.

Our workshop for your company.

We show you how you can use Mixed Reality in your company. For example, the flow of your workshop could be as follows:

Part 1 – Envisioning

  • Overview of the status quo of mixed reality technology (incl. devices & studios)
  • Presentation of the status quo of Mixed Reality content & application scenarios.
  • Added values of Mixed Reality e.g. “Learning in the flow of work” & “No Code”.

Part 2 – Ideation & Discover

  • Collection of concrete ideas (user centric) for the use of Mixed Reality for your learning topics
  • Presentation & clustering of the collected ideas
  • Note & Vote Session: TOP ideas crystallize (Needs & Values)

Part 3 – Enablement & Definement

  • Evaluation of the feasibility of the TOP ideas
  • Note & Vote Session: Determination of the focus topics

Part 4 – Realisation

  • Detailed review of the top 3 ideas
  • Feasibility evaluation of the top 3 ideas
  • Definition of the next steps

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