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Virtual reality brings past and present together at Löwenvilla

Ideal conditions in the Babelsberg media city: Welcome VR!

AutumCourage Film & Events invited influential media representatives to the Löwenvilla on 08/07/2016, to allow them insight into the current trend on virtual reality (VR). For this, current projects were brought to life with state-of-the-art devices.
The contrasts between historical surroundings and visionary technology animated guests to test the latest technology and network in dignified atmosphere. Versatile virtual worlds for testing: whether you wanted to play a virtual game or to experience the creative application of a 3D design program – it all was possible at the Löwenvilla that morning.

Examples of virtual reality are gaining ‚aha‘ effect

During his Speaker Slot, CEO of Metropolis VR,  Stephan Schindler presented the range of applications VR can offer the industrial sector as well as the medicine or real estate industry, for example. That these scenarios are no pie in the sky, but real and growing before long, was substantiated by Goldman Sachs analyst Heather Bellini’s forecast. It is expected to be an 80 billion US dollar market by 2025.
Ernst Feiler, Head of Technology of UFA, offered concrete insight into the virtual realities and made the connection to the here and now. The current relevance of VR projects was underpinned by in-house productions like the launch of a convertible by an automobile manufacturer or  reportage from a war zone.

Next location of a Media Evolution City

With regards to VR, the position that the Potsdam site will take is open. Between Asia and Hollywood, there is space for Germany and the Babelsberg media centre. Thus the appeal to everyone present, to grab the opportunity to take the lead in the field of content production for VR. The bases for this are ideal; also emphasised by Prof. Dr.-Eng. Kai Desinger, who concluded with options for the financing of VR projects and the associated infrastructure. Now only the associated Media Evolution City a là Malmö is missing, right?