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Experience – Discussion – Application:
Interlake shares its expertise from 20 years of experience in cloud based information transfer

On May 18, 2017, Interlake will celebrate its 20th anniversary by hosting Interlake Day. Interlake Day will not only be a celebration, but an IT-focused gathering that invites customers, partners and new contacts to learn more about the industry and to network with other like-minded professionals. It will begin at 10:00 am at Studio Babelsberg. There will be an exciting program including keynotes, discussions and workshop sessions. The day will conclude with a celebratory dinner to mark Interlake’s 20th anniversary.
Interlake began in 1997, and has become a steady part of today’s IT industry as an active player in the process of digital transformation. Interlake, as it stands today, has been significantly influenced by its customers, partners and projects. Interlake Day that will offer a dynamic, well-rounded audience and interesting opportunities to network. A diversity of interesting subjects are found on the Interlake Day program.
Since Interlake was founded in Lake Constance, its business structure has evolved. For example, the Cloud Solutions division no longer solely works on ColdFusion projects, as cloud-migration, process optimization and cloud applications have expanded today’s business. In addition, Interlake’s role as a Microsoft Gold Partner has added involvement  in current projects such as HoloLens and Mixed Reality. “The exciting thing about IT is dealing with future technologies which persistently influence our world. That´s why we wanted to have Future Talk Sessions to address these intriguing topics,” explains Interlake CTO and founder, Dr. Stefan Salzbrunn.
Another branch of the IT business—e-learning— has been a part of Interlake’s portfolio since 2004. It’s a rapidly growing segment, as e-learning is making a big impact on the ongoing globalization and increasing decentralization of organizations. Sven Slazenger, CEO and founder of the Interlake explains, “Ever-evolving organizations need different models of learning and new platforms for knowledge transfer for their employees.” An insight into the different opportunities will be provided as part of the diverse agenda and practical examples, starting with a game-based learning approach to learning in a virtual world via 3D authoring.
In addition to the program, there will be an exhibition from numerous Interlake partners. Feature partners will include big IT players such as Microsoft—the world’s leading manufacturer of software, services and solutions; Articulate—leading provider of authoring tools; and Docebo—a manufacturer of the leading learning management system, Docebo.