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E³ – Employee Empowerment Evaluator

E³ – Our tool for your requirements analysis

Like any technological change, the move to Microsoft 365 comes with various technical and process changes. For your company to successfully take full advantage of the diverse potential of Microsoft 365, you need strategically thoughtful and sustainable support for your employees in approaching these innovations.

Are you and your employees ready for the change? Let the numbers speak and evaluate them KPI-based with us.

Our Employee Empowerment Evaluator – the E³ – guides you through an evaluation process in 4 steps. It uses personas and future scenarios to help you identify, on a KPI basis, the extent to which your employees are already realizing the full potential of your Microsoft 365 suite.

In 4 steps to change management requirements analysis with our “E³” requirements analysis tool

Step 1: Record actual state

You select the personas that apply to your company from our standard set.

Step 2: Detail actual state

Individualize the selected personas for your company: The default settings do not fully apply? Simply customize the requirements and tool competencies!

Step 3: Define the future

Now assign the scenarios that best represent future work to your personas. What changes in the daily work routine? Who will they work with and how? With which departments should they be networked? What tasks and areas of activity will they have?

Step 4: Prioritize

Prioritize! Which scenario is particularly important and must be given top priority? Which group should start as a pilot group and is critical to the success and achievement of the company’s goals?

Done: Your KPI-based result

Your individual results show you which fields of action need special attention in the change process. With the Empowerment Recommendations, you receive concrete suggestions for action from us. As an add-on, there are Quick Wins, which are helpful learning tips that you can use to get started right away.

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