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Who we are

We are Interlake.

Our Vision & Mission

Our goal is to make digital change transpire naturally for everyone in the company. This is achieved by offering Tools & Guidance to our customers. What‘s it all about?

It‘s what we call our holistic approach of combining people and technology. It‘s the only way digitization can truly be implemented, applied and lived in the company.

Our Values & Strengths

How do we define Interlake? We are diverse, yet focused. We like to try new things and keep up with the latest trends, but we don‘t run after every passing fad. We see ourselves as partners, not just service providers.

And while we work together as a team, we also value the individuality of each employee.

Our Work

Empowerment is deeply embedded and anchored in our work, our corporate culture and our services. Sure, it may be a buzzword. Even so, it is what’s ingrained in the work each of us do. Because at the core of this concept is the human being and our claim to provide each person with the tools and to teach them in such a way that they are able to use them independently in the long term.

Whether it be in the area of employee empowerment, which makes digital change innate by focusing on employees. Or in cloud empowerment, where it‘s our primary goal to give customers all the tools they need to make cloud-related IT decisions. Or with our team, in which each employee has abundant creative freedom and can learn outside of the traditional business setting to broaden their horizons during empowerment days.

The Team!

Manifold. Curious. Collegial. That’s us. That’s Interlake. Meet our team!

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