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Workshop: Accessible e-learning


Avoid digital hurdles in your e-learnings and learn to create accessible elearnings in Storyline 360.

In our workshop we will show you the most important settings and features for accessibility in Storyline360 in combination with a practical example.

The workshop will take place in virtual form. Here you can find our dates.

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Accessible elearning is essential to making digital learning content available to all employees.

We are an official Articulate partner in the German-speaking region and an expert on all aspects of digital learning in the enterprise.

Nowadays, legal requirements already demand the creation of accessible elearnings in many areas.

For this, Storyline offers many features and settings that make this possible in a professional way.

We will show you the most important settings and specifications that must be followed, both functionally and graphically.

During the workshop, you will learn how to implement Storyline in the authoring tool directly using a practical example, accompanied by one of our Storyline experts.*

Requirements for the workshop is an active Articulate 360 license as well as good Storyline 360 knowledge and experience in creating e-learnings with Storyline 360.

The workshop - Accessible e-learning - is relevant for all:

  • who create interactive e-learnings with SL360 and are legally required to pay attention to accessible learning content.
  • whose users e.g. work with screen readers, a Braille display or other aids
  • who really want to make their content professionally available to EVERY user

*Workshop dates are held with a minimum of 6 participants. We will inform you in time if an appointment has to be postponed.

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