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Didaktik Training


In our didactics training, you will learn about the different forms of digital learning.

We work out together what distinguishes the terms didactics and media didactics from each other.

Our trainers explain the media-didactic design rules using your company examples.

Here you can find the dates for training.

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Didactics training is conducted virtually on ONE day on selected dates.

We also conduct in-house trainings, where you as a company can book one of our experts for your employees. Just write us a message with your desired date.

During the training you will receive a summary of what you have learned and a checklist for your projects

You will receive a corresponding certificate upon completion of the training.

Training contents of the didactics training

After the definition of "e-learning", the different forms of e-learning are discussed and the terms didactics and media didactics are distinguished from each other. Then, the media didactic design rules are explained using WBT examples. After the theoretical part, the analysis of
E-learning content practiced and applied to projects using the ADDIE model, as a tool for successful e-learning process planning. You will also learn how to structure your content and approach projects in a well-founded manner.

*Didactics Training sessions are conducted with a minimum of 6 participants. We will inform you in time if an appointment has to be postponed.

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