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Articulate provides you with the perfect tools to easily create high-quality e-learning courses. Multimedia and interactive: achieve more engagement in the learning process with captivating e-learning, all while attaining your instructional goals.

Compelling storytelling for your learning content!

Since 2004, we have been the official partner in the german speaking area of Articulate – as well as a certified training partner.

From novice to professional, the Articulate 360 suite can help virtually anyone create high quality e-learning courses. With Articulates Rise.com, you can easily deliver digital learning content to your learners and manage it in a meaningful way.

And if you want to take advantage of all Articulate has to offer, become an Articulate professional! We will provide you with training.

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Articulate 360

The Articulate 360 suite simplifies the creation of courses from start to finish. With a single subscription, you have several tools you need to create courses for multiple devices, source resources, collaborate with other stakeholders, and enhance your e-learning skills.

Storyline 360 - Authoring Tool

With the award-winning Storyline product, you can create virtually any interaction you can imagine in minutes. Storyline 360 has a responsive player. With support for gesture controls and mobile device-friendly playback controls, the flexible player adapts to smartphone and tablet screens, providing optimal viewing of your Storyline 360 courses on any device your learners use.

Rise 360 - Authoring Tool

While Storyline 360 lets you create custom digital learning courses from scratch, the Rise 360 tool lets you choose from ready-made learning blocks and templates and easily adapt them to your needs.

With Rise 360, you provide flexible and customizable courses – right in your web browser.

Content Library

The Content Library is an ever-growing library of slide templates and images designed and customizable by professionals.

You have access to thousands of templates and resources to bring your course to life.

Replay 360

Guide students through on-screen content by recording the screen content and yourself with a webcam – simultaneously.

Articulate Replay 360 makes creating professionally designed screencasts with a personal touch a real breeze.

Review 360

Articulate Review facilitates and accelerates the review of e-learning projects with other stakeholders.

Get feedback from your team on your created courses so easily – with a simple web app, no download required.


Easily record screencasts on your Mac or PC. Peek is at your disposal with just one mouse click.

In just minutes, you can record Peek screencasts, preview and upload them to Articulate 360, download them for your LMS, or share them with others via a unique URL.

Studio 360

Studio 360 allows you to easily create courses for multiple devices in PowerPoint. Add scenarios, web objects, screencasts, and characters to existing content in minutes. Create form-based interactions in seconds. And easily create tests of any design to check your students’ progress. Studio 360 now has a flexible course player.

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      Articulate Rise.com

      Rise.com allows you to deploy and manage your digital learning courses.


      You get a user-friendly platform that allows you to invite learners, authors and administrators into groups and organize them.

      Individual learning paths can be created for each group and learners can get started immediately. In addition, Rise.com allows you to analyze how your learners engage with the training content.

      Note: Rise.com is not included in the Articulate 360 tool suite (but you can find the Rise authoring tool in the suite).

      Articulate Trainings


      Now you have a fantastic tool for creating digital learning content?

      Congratulations! In our trainings, we show you how to best use the tools.

      Let us qualify you as an Articulate professional!

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      Useful addition: VYOND


      Convey your training content in a more varied, interesting and lively way with the help of small or large animated videos.

      We recommend the VYOND tool as a perfect complement to Ariculate.



      More about VYOND

      Our references.

      We take you with us to our customers – and give, on the way to digital learning, a look behind the scenes.

      3 in 1

      In collaboration, we have supplemented and expanded ifb’s existing offering with digital learning. There are a total of three learning models combined in one digital learning format. The digital format provides different offerings for different types of learners, brings the place of learning to the place of the learner, and gives the learner an active role through various simulation and game-based applications.

      Rise 360 secures Mobile First

      We support SOS Kinderdorf International in the design and implementation of digital learning content. These help to maintain standards in all 136 national associations and to secure assistance. Using Rise 360 from the Articulate 360 suite enables the mobile-first concept, rapid content creation and refresh, and delivery of content in small bites – as learning nuggets.

      Learning experience as a one stop shop

      In cooperation with the customer and the technical service provider for the company network, we designed and developed an interface that enabled encrypted single sign-on of employees directly from the company network to Articulate Online. The administration of the user accounts at Articulate was completely placed in our hands.
      Templates for the different languages were created for the individual requirements regarding the certificates The certificates are automatically created and sent to users and the administration in the company network after a user has successfully participated in a training course. In addition, a process was set up that regularly enriches the standard reports from Articulate Online with individually required additional user parameters and makes these reports available as CSV files.

      Reliable solution for Articulate

      The challenge: Armasuisse had chosen Articulate as the tool for creating e-learning content. However, the normal installation process could not be used within Armasuisse’s secured network, so an individual solution had to be found.
      The solution: We were involved as a mediator in the drafting of the contract between Articulate and Armasuisse. Together with the Swiss partner Chemmedia, the specifications were analyzed and the possible scenarios were elicited. Ultimately, they jointly decided on a solution that would enable the roll-out of Articulate’s e-learning tools without a standard activation process. Armasuisse currently uses both Articulate Studio and Articulate Storyline, and we are supporting the switch to Articulate 360.

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