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Nextcreate® – AR Authoring Tool & Playout App

Nextcreate® enables entry into digital AR-based content remotely at a low cost without technical expertise. The new solution for knowledge transfer can be used on existing hardware even without VR/AR glasses. 20 years of partnership with the world’s largest e-learning authoring tool manufacturers along with the specific requirements of our customers have helped us accomplish this.
Costs? Starting at €100/author per year with unlimited access.


Take your content out of the screen and digitally create a real-world location

At a Glance

  • Easily create content for the Metaverse in your browser
  • Use your own existing photos and videos
  • Through app & smartphone camera, recognize the enviornment and place your content there

With Nextcreate®, the content is created conveniently with a browser-based authoring tool that uses Point & Click Users can download the app compatible with mobile phones and tablets from the app stores. The app recognizes images, sketches and QR codes on site and displays the appropriate digital content. Either full screen or directly embedded in reality, including 3D objects and holograms.

Low license costs, along with the value of providing digital content remotely, even away from the PC, leads to a low barrier in entry and quick refinancing (usually around< 6 months). Seamless integration into existing communication structures and e-learning scenario creates the perfect combination. We are more than happy to show you how.

Woman in the Interlake office tests the AR authoring tool for learning in the Metaverse

Nextcreate® in Practice – Do you want to be a part?

We are currently testing Nextcreate® with a few pilot customers in a closed beta. We will open a public beta for the product in 2023 and plan a full launch in 2023 as well. Until then, we would like to personally share more about the product, pricing, and expansion in the coming year. Please take the time to fill out the form, and we look forward to bringing you with us on a journey into the future of learning.