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Adoption and Change Management

Tap into the potential of your employees when introducing new technologies and learn more about our adoption and change management offerings – either as a package or as a subscription.

Employee empowerment for modern digital working.

Every digital transformation involves technological and process changes. New tools and procedures change the way employees work, collaborate and exchange information.

But: Software alone does not solve problems!

In order for your company to successfully leverage the diverse potential of new technologies, you need strategically thought-out and sustainable support for your employees in dealing with the innovations.

Unser Employee Empowerment Ansatz zu ACM

Why adoption and change management is so important.

Introducing new technologies into the company in a stable and functional way is one thing. Getting employees to help shape the change and integrate the change into their ways of working and processes is another.

The benefits of adoption and change management for your employees, your company and your change project:

  • Achievement of project goals through smoother integration of changes into work processes
  • Better understanding and support of employees for the digital transformation
  • Improved quality of project results and higher employee satisfaction through active involvement of all stakeholders
  • Avoidance of project delays through a structured approach and transparent presentation of processes and measures
  • Continuous measurement and evaluation of project progress using appropriate and meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs)

Our change management as a booster for your technological change.

On the way to modern and digital working, our certified change management and Microsoft Service Adoption specialists are at your side. Together, we bring your ditigal transformation project to a successful conclusion – structured, sustainable and always aligned with the needs of your employees.

We rely on a combined workshop and consulting offering using the established Prosci ADKAR™ method. In 3 phases, we identify fields of action and options, develop tailor-made measures, implement them and evaluate the results.

Phase 1: Preparation

  • Analyze status quo
  • Define change process
  • Prepare team
  • Define key figures for measuring success
  • Develop sponsorship model

Phase 2: Implementation

  • Implement change plans
  • Start change process
  • Facilitate training
  • Overcome resistance
  • Monitor key figures together

Phase 3: Follow-up

  • Focus on maintaining and building on changes
  • Collect and analyze feedback
  • Discover gaps and find solutions
  • Correct processes and celebrate successes

What sets us apart as a partner in digital transformation.


Accompanying people in digital transformation is our passion! We have been successfully developing and implementing software and cloud products for over 20 years. We know the challenges of digital transformation in companies.

Persona approach

With the help of personas, we identify and characterize all relevant employees with you. What are the expectations and needs of each target group? Which measures are best suited to meet them? We find out!


No achievement of strategic business goals without continuous progress and success measurement. Facts and figures are also essential in the adoption and change management process. We work with you to develop meaningful KPIs.

Our certifications.

Choose your change management package!
Also available as subscription!

Die Employee Empowerment-Pakete im Detail

Nachdem wir ein 360° individuelles Assessment mit Ihnen durchgeführt und Ihnen eine Change Management-Strategie vorgestellt haben, freuen wir uns, diesen Transformationsweg mit Ihnen gemeinsam zu gehen. Sie können zwischen drei verschiedenen Paketen wählen:


Das Beratungspaket – Wir bereiten Sie in drei einzelnen Workshop-Tagen auf den anstehenden Change vor. Sie erhalten pro Phase Techniken, Tools und Prozessempfehlungen, basierend auf den Ergebnissen Ihres individuellen 360° Change Assessments für eine erfolgreiche Umsetzung Ihres Change-Projektes.


Das Coachingpaket – Wir begleiten Sie in insgesamt 3 Workshop-Tagen durch die einzelnen Phasen des Changes. Für jede Phase entwickeln wir mit Ihnen gemeinsam auf Ihr Unternehmen zugeschnittene Lösungen. Darüber hinaus profitieren Sie von 4h individuellem Leadership-Coaching pro Phase. Außerdem geben wir Ihnen Empfehlungen,  wie Sie Ihre Empowerment Recommendations aus dem E³ bestmöglich für Ihre Personas umsetzen.


Der End-to-End-Service – Wir begleiten Sie mit mindestens 6 Workshop-Tagen (2 Tage pro Phase) durch die einzelnen Phasen des Changes. Für jede Phase entwickeln wir mit Ihnen gemeinsam auf Ihr Unternehmen zugeschnittene Lösungen. Darüber hinaus profitieren Sie von jeweils 4h individuellen Leadership- und Kommunikations-Coachings pro Changephase. Mit dem Rundum-sorglos-Paket setzen wir außerdem gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihre individuellen Empowerment Recommendations aus dem E³ um.

One example: adoption and change management for the introduction of Microsoft 365.

Like any technological change, the switch to Microsoft 365 involves technological and process changes. The new tools and approaches have a strong impact on how employees work, collaborate and share information.

Our contents and offers at a glance:

  • Change needs analysis using our “E³” needs analysis tool
  • Pilot support (development of personas and use cases)
  • Communication strategy
  • Motivation support
  • Training & coaching
  • Resistance management
  • Change monitoring

Using our web-based tool „Employee Empowerment Evaluator“, E³ for short, we evaluate personas and Modern Work scenarios for working with Microsoft 365.

In this way, we put future viability to the test, identify potential for improvement in the form of empowerment recommendations, and exploit the potential in the course of technological change. Practical tips for working with Microsoft 365 are also provided in the form of QuickWins.

You need more information?

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We will be happy to advise you on our packages and your individual questions.

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